Energybras also provides services in many different areas such as:

• Commerce,
• Gas Station,
• Hotels,
• Shopping Centers,
• Car Dealers,
• Industry,
• Banks,
• Public Institutions,
• Residences,
• Rural properties,
• Power Plants solar / wind power.

Working in different sectors and in developing projects, Energybras offers its customers technical and legal advice to deployment processes, which must follow a standard protocol planning, which include:

• Identifying viable areas for deploying renewable energy projects,

• Assessment of the potential proposed project and, analysis of the technical and economic feasibility,

• Projection of parks and / or wind power plants,

• Obtaining environmental permits and other authorizations required for participation in auction of energy or sale on the open market,

• Calculation of estimated annual energy production,

• Requesting access of micro or mini generator distribution systems and electrical power compensation, as required by ANEEL Resolution 482/2012;

• Monitoring, supervision and management of the possible projects until production commences and subsequent maintenance thereafter.






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