Study of feasibility and technical report

A feasibility study is a review and analysis of the potential of the proposed project, which is based on extensive research and study. It aims to objectively discover the strengths and weaknesses of an existing or new development to be proposed, opportunities and threats presented by the environment, resources needed to accomplish, and ultimately the prospects for success. A feasibility study should provide a well-designed plan of economic, financial and technical opportunity.

The technical report must be accompanied by a signed, dated document with the name of the registered professional, when the project demands an expert on a specified condition that requires technical knowledge.

Energybras, offers its customers technical and financial feasibility studies for alternative energy sources, air conditioning solutions (HVAC), efficient trigeneration solutions, energy efficient lighting solutions, advising with the most appropriate study design requirements, alliing the technologies to any area of business, always looking for a system that provides profit, economy and sustainability.