Photoelectric Solar Energy

Solar energy is a clean source of renewable energy, abundant, free, and most importantly significantly reducing the dependence on fossil fuels. Solar energy is collected by panels made up of photoelectric cells, which, under direct sunlight, generates electric current. The energy generated can be used immediately or stored in batteries to be used in periods of low radiation and during the night.

Solar energy installations offer several advantages: they are silent, have long life (between 20 and 30 years), and provide a self-supply system either on grid (connected to the distribution network) or off grid (by storing energy in batteries) to serve isolated communities where there is no public provision of energy. The provision of electric energy for all is a fundamental public policy.

Energybras, in order to offer its clients personalized and efficient projects, has a specialist team which is involved right from the planning through to the installation of equipment which combines high quality with cutting edge technology. These installations using solar or wind power our mounted on rooftops, either for the clients own use or for the sale / auction to third parties.

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