Energybras informs that the following Solar Photovoltaic Panels now have certified by INMETRO, with classification "A"

Energybras Energias Renováveis  concerned  in always guarantee its clients products and services with certifications of excellence in quality and safety, informs that  the following Solar Photovoltaic Panels now have  certified by INMETRO, with classification "A":

Polycrystalline - Registration No. 004369/2013

300 Wp

245 Wp

150 Wp

Monocrystalline: - Registration No. 004803/2013

310 Wp

255 Wp

Energybras Energias Renováveis is now  able to commercialize these products nationwide, further enhancing its image as solid and responsible company in the renewable energy sector.

What is the importance of the Brazilian Certification System?

The SBC is a powerful instrument for industrial development, to increase exports and consumer protection.

The certification of compliance induces continuous pursuit of quality improvement. Companies that engage in this movement, orient themselves to ensure the quality of their products, processes and services, benefiting from the improved productivity and increased competitiveness.

The certification is an indicator to consumers that the product, process or service meets minimum quality standards.

In relation to trade within economic blocs, it is particularly important to the certification of compliance. It is increasingly common character of compulsory certification for the marketing of products that relate to the health, safety and environment.

The free movement of goods and services only enables full if the countries involved maintain certification systems compatible and mutually recognized.


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