Independent Power Producers and auto producer

The Law 10848 of March 15th, 2004 authorizes the sale of electricity between dealers and authorized service facilities and electric power as well as those with their consumers, the National Interconnected System - SIN, will give through the Regulated Contracting and free, under this Act and with its rules.

In the Free Energy Market the electricity is traded between electric utilities, IPPs (Independent Power Producer), self-producers, marketing agents, importers of energy and free consumers.

Potentially free consumers are those whose demand exceeds 3 MW or above 69 kV or any voltage level, the supply started after July 7th, 1995. Apart from this, consumers whose contracted demands is the same or above 500 kW, can be served by electric utilities who are not necessarily their local distributors.

Trading Conditions:

a) Independent Power Producers (IPP): legal entities or companies working in a consortium that receive concession or authorization from the Granting Authority, to produce electricity for trade all or part of the energy produced AT their own risk.

b) Auto producer (APE): individual, legal entities or companies in a consortium receiving a license or authorization to produce electricity intended for their exclusive use, and may eventually, with permission from ANEEL, sell the electric SURPLUS energy generated.

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