Efficient climate control

Climate control is the definition given to the process of enabling an environment to remain at a pleasant temperature to preserve biological organisms.

This type of cooling, which provides ambient humidity and oxygenation, is currently used in homes, industry, buildings, greenhouses, etc., and is part of open refrigeration systems in buildings, whose architecture is considered intelligent.

By using the same principles used for the evaporation of water by nature, as a function of its latent heat, these systems consume very little power, and are considered examples of a tendency that will be more commonly  used in the near future.

Energybras, with all its expertise, knowledge and experience in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), offers integrated design, installation and maintenance of efficient HVAC systems in homes, industries, buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, etc.. . All solutions include some of the latest technologies that are available on the market: Heat Pumps, "Chillers", Absorption Chiller, CHP, fan coil convectors, radiant floor, ceiling cooling, air handling UTAS, controlled ventilation systems, centralized technical management, Trigeneration, etc., always choosing an option that gives you a high level of comfort in an efficient and ecological way.