Micro and minigeneration of energy

From now on, consumers across Brazil have an incentive from the government to generate their own electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind energy: systems of minigeneration and microgeneration energy can be connected to the power grid and the surplus energy goes to the distributor, which in turn will give a rebate on the electricity bill.

The microgeneration and minigeneration of energy with rules recently approved by ANEEL (Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency) enables consumers to install in their homes, businesses, shops, gas stations distributors, farms etc., microgenerators of clean energy, photovoltaic panels and wind turbines, connected to the utility grid generating credits for a period of up to 3 years, which will be discounted in future energy bills.

For microgeneration, up to 100kW, electric utilities will need to provide a technical opinion within 30 days after the connection request made by the consumer. In case of minigeneration of 100 KW to 1 MW, this period is 60 days, if there is need of reinforcement works to expand the system to receive the energy.

A new way for the development of the country! Refer to Energybras for an expert opinion.

Source: ANEEL