Biomass Energy

Biomass is a constitution of substances of organic origin, i.e. animal or plant, which when they come into decomposition, generate gases that are transformed into energy by combustion. These substances include agricultural and forestry waste, rice hulls, wood, bagasse from cane sugar, animal manure, organic waste, among others. Thus, the energy generated by biomass does not harm the environment because the CO2 released into the atmosphere during its life cycle, is converted into carbohydrates through photosynthesis performed by plants.

Besides presenting low operation cost, easy to be stored and transported, recycles waste that accelerates the greenhouse effect and global warming, has high energy efficiency, renewable energy source is clean and also emits less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Energybras, with all its expertise, knowledge and experience in the renewable energy segment, offers its customers flexibility and preeminence in power generation from biomass, providing them with an economy of energy that can reprente over 50% on fossil fuel use. Furthermore, it allows the customer to be part of carbon sequestration projects, i.e. projects Agro-Forestry Community.