SP studies measures to encourage cogeneration from biomass

The government of Sao Paulo has been studying measures to encourage investment in energy cogeneration from sugarcane biomass as a way to strengthen the supply of energy, said Secretary of Energy of State.

"We have talked with the cogeneration sector, which needs connection systems. We are studying the possibly to expand these incentives, in other words, do the necessary to increase investments in this sector," Secretary José Aníbal told the reporters, without giving details.

He noted that currently São Paulo has 4,500 megawatt power cogeneration from biomass, of which about 1,000 MW are "exported" to the network, in other words, externally traded by the sugarcane mills.

"The expectation is that it could be doubled in a period of three or four years at most," he said, explaining that it needs more investment.

He added that more than a hundred sugarcane mills, almost 200 only in São Paulo, have not has yet modernized the equipment.

"When they do, it will generate 4 or 5 times more energy than is produced today, so there will be a surplus for export. Therefore it is now very important that there is a demand for energy innovative solutions," said Aníbal.

Source: www.estadao.com.br - 24/04/2013